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You may have heard of the Geisha or Gesha varietal and its high quality tasting profile in the cup but there is something else that is on par if not better than the Panama Geisha!

This Single origins lot from the town of Wush Wush in southern Ethiopia is a rare varietal of the same name. This coffee is of high complexity and is processed using the Natural Anaerobic method. Those who have tasted it before would describe it as a fruit bomb!

Immediately after grinding, its dry aroma will captivate you with hints of pineapple, currants, berries, rum, brandy liquor and plum wine - preparing you for something really unique and of high quality. An absolutely exciting drinking experience from hot to cold.

Upon your first sip, you will get passion fruit and fresh strawberries. In the mid palate you will experience honeydew, dried mango and Choya. Finally, ending off with a rum & raisin gelato-like sweetness.

Scoring 96 points on Coffee Review April 2020, 95 points in August 2020 and 95 points again in November 2020. This high scoring coffee was selected as the number 10 coffee on Coffee Review's list of the Top 30 Coffees of 2020.

So if you are looking for an exceptional and great tasting cup of high grade specialty coffee, LIFT Coffee Sg's Wush Wush will definitely exceed your expectations and promises to LIFT your coffee experience to the next level!

Region Guji Anasora, Ethiopia
Variety Wush Wush
Elevation 2250m
Process Natural Anaerobic
Roast profile Medium roast
Tasting Notes Passion fruit, Honey Dew, Rum & Raisin