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We're sure you've heard of Kenya AA, as its considered as one of world's best and brightest coffee beans; and you know its good when its name has 2 'A' s in it. ;)

Kenya AA is one of the finest coffee beans known and also one of the coffees most favored by coffee connoisseurs. The largest and best coffee beans from Kenya are grades Kenya AA and peaberry. 

Our Kenya AA is a washed processed coffee; often being praised for its purity. It allows you to taste all the vibrant notes and distinct flavors of the origin and variety. This clarity is mainly due to the removal of the cherry before drying.

This coffee is roasted to a medium-light profile which allows the coffee's natural brightness to shine. It is a clean and crisp cup with hints of Blackcurrant, Clementine and Oolong.

So Hakuna Matata - Take it easy, leave all your worries behind and enjoy a cup of our refreshing and sweet Kenya AA.

Region Mount Kenya
Variety SL28
Elevation 1700m - 1900m
Process Washed
Roast profile Medium Light roast
Tasting Notes

Blackcurrants, Clementine, Oolong

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