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Fazenda Cerrado Grande is a specialty coffee farm from Brazil, in the region of Sul de Minas. It is owned by Raquel Ribeiro Aguiar whom took over the legacy from her father that had been growing coffee since 1963.

With mild temperatures and average altitude of 1000 meters, this region has been producing 30% of the country’s coffee. Coffees produced in Sul de Minas are known to be round-bodied with fruity notes.

Brazil also processes a significant amount of their coffee via the pulped natural method, which combines the best characteristics of both wet and dry processed methodologies. Due to the low humidity, Brazil has mastered this processing method and produces the best pulped natural coffees around the globe.

Our beans from Cerrado Grande is roasted medium light and very suitable for filter as it brings out tasting notes of Milk Chocolate, Cocoa, Apricot and pecans.

Region Brazil, Sul de Minas (Minas Gerais)
Variety Mundo Novo
Elevation 950m - 1150m 
Process Pulped Natural
Roast profile Medium roast
Tasting Notes Milk Chocolate, Apricot, Pecans
Recommended For Filter